2 Ella (hearts) 4reel


Yesterday was a long and very awaited day. First I went to pick up my bike downtown, where in every bike shop there are two hookers outside, random I know. Then we went to Headquarter to see Pharrell, yes, Pharrell Williams ! There was a long line out and we were all guessing what he’s ride was gonna be (nerds). We also tought he was going to be mmm not nice but Continue reading


coffee coffee coffee

i just found this picture of me by britney, i never seen it before ( i like )
and now is for sale at etsy… funny & kind of nice


the cover


My new gig : )
I wrote in FNews for this one and I will be writing and designing for the next(s) so exciting!!!!!!!!!



Today was awesome!! I got to go to the Megapuss “press conference”, talked to Devendra and Greg and met really cool girls. Interviewed Chicle for NYLON MX and met some famous skaters from LA.  Now off to Riplo’s party. Lot’s of pictures soon. I really want this Tee!!!! Brian please send it to me,




long hair child

megapuss tonight!




hey rich girl!


band meets model, band needs a video, band calls Behati Prinsloo and makes a super hot video

Rich Girls

this video makes me wanna go to a show, it makes me wanna smoke a lot and dance a lot and ……… a lot hahaha JK

BTW there is a crazy women screaming her ass off in the street is driving my crazy!!