2 Ella (hearts) 4reel


Yesterday was a long and very awaited day. First I went to pick up my bike downtown, where in every bike shop there are two hookers outside, random I know. Then we went to Headquarter to see Pharrell, yes, Pharrell Williams ! There was a long line out and we were all guessing what he’s ride was gonna be (nerds). We also tought he was going to be mmm not nice but he turned out to be everything we wer not expecting, nice and in a very good mood. AM got to interview him for TCLY and I got an autograph for the office.

After that we went to moshi moshi (a sushi place) and of to the MX BEAT. The MX BEAT is a Music Fetival that happens once a year in different cities in Mexico. The one I went was in Toluca, a little town about an hour away from MX City.

We got there when Mystery Jets was playing. Then we saw Vampire Weekend (kind of boring), Primal Scream (amazing is not enough to explain) and finally N.E.R.D. Pharrell wore a scarf that Kriste gave him earlier at the signing and we were all freaking the fuck out! Kriste’s brand is called “La Persigna“.

When we came back to the city we went to eat tacos (worst idea ever) and came home with good friends. And now waiting for tonight’s concert, RADIOHEAD!!

Only in MX City : )




One response to “2 Ella (hearts) 4reel

  1. me mueroooo!!!
    lo amo!!!

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